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1941 Royal KMM in my trailer

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Mark Adams
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Redwood Estates, CA 95044

About Type-Writer.org

My passion is publishing. Whenever I take an interest in a study, I establish a website. When I feel I’ve said everything I wanted to say about a particular issue, I let the site expire. Some I maintain.1

A website is my “letter to the world,” my soapbox. I think it is remarkable that we live in a time when for a few bucks and a little mental grease, one can broadcast ones thoughts to the world. Perhaps it’s a little self-indulgent, but then democracy is maintained by self-interest and self-determination. I feel it is better to speak, than to simply think, though others might disagree with that notion.

In college, I worked on several newspapers and even published a few myself. That was back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, before the dominance of the internet. I purchased a Mac Plus, and later a Mac SE, expressly for the purpose of publishing. (After the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989, I helped produce one issue of The San Matean, a student publication at the College of San Mateo, on my Mac. We could not access the computers at school. Eighteen hundred dollars was justified by that one accomplishment.)

I don’t know that this site will ever amount to much, but at least I’ll have had my say. And that makes the endeavor worthwhile.

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Sometimes, I am asked how I created this site. Here are the details —

About Mark Adams

Without divulging too many private details, I was born months after Neil Armstrong declared, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”2 Thus, I grew up in an age when computers were still sci-fi and manual typewriters were commonplace (my father owned a Royal Futura 400, which he purchased in the 1960s).

In college I quickly shifted from the typewriter to the computer, and set off to become a journalist. I worked briefly as an intern for BioWorld and then later as managing editor at the Mid-County Post in Santa Cruz, California. Today, I am a teacher, and I am employed at James Lick High School. I am also an elder/pastor at Mountain Bible Church (previously I served as youth pastor for 16 years).

My interests are broad and include collecting typewriters, toy robots and antiquarian Bibles (the oldest in my collection is a 1675 Hammond New Testament). I am also a musician. I maintain several blogs.

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    1. The first website I established was Womanfish.com, a U2 fan site that served as a point of exchange for live, bootleg recordings. Two pages in particular were of interest to die-hard fans: “Unpublished Songs” and “Guide to Recordings of Early Live Shows.” Womanfish.com is now defunct. Not that I’ve lost interest in U2, but much of what that site offered is now readily available that it became superfluous. I recommend AtU2.com. My second website, Blurbing.com, a social interests blog, is also defunct, but my third site, Agabus.com, a theological blog, is still active. Agabus.com was established in 2006, though it contains writings published earlier, some originally in print. []
    2. NASA maintains Armstrong said, “That’s one small step a man…” I accept their judgment. []