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The Dial Typewriter (aka the Peacock)

Known in most resources as the “Peacock” typewriter, the Dial was patented in England by E. Peacock in 1884. The machine received brief notice in the 1880s, but no known specimens or images are extant.

(A typewriter copy-holder was patented by a different Peacock in 1894 — see patent here.)

From Brown & Holland Shorthand News, October 1885 —

Micahel Alder describes the Peacock in Antique Typewriters (p. 111): “A novel British patent for a circular index machine with radial type plungers around a drum and roller inking was granted to E.E. Peacock of London in 1894.”

Peacock’s Dial should not be confused for the toy typewriter of the same name.

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