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Clement Scott at home

A mere photo in a literary magazine, featuring a typewriter, excited The Phonetic Journal enough to make mention of it in its March 1895 issue. What caught my attention was the name of the machine: “the “inevitable type-writer.” So I searched for a copy of that magazine, found the photo, and discovered that “the inevitable type-writer” was merely the text of a caption, i.e. this individual inevitably owns a typewriter; here’s a photo — nothing more. Disappointment on my end, but the photos… captivating, and so presented here.

The piece features an interview with poet and dramatic critic Scott Clemens (link; story starts on page 311) and sets a wonderful scene.

What machine is that?

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  • Bill M August 5, 2019, 11:25 pm

    I don’t know much about those old typewriters. I will venture a guess; Bar-Lok?

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