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The Yost No. 4, as observed in 1895

Today, we turn to CNET for the latest in technology, but in the 1890s, readers turned to stenographic magazines. New typewriters and models were of particular interest to this group and certain features would draw their attention. The Phonetic Journal highlighted the Yost No. 4 in its product summary after that model was introduced in 1895.

“Dealing with the carriage, it will be observed that the carriage of the No. 4 presents many improvements,” wrote the publication. “The paper can be instantly inserted without the operator having to raise or depress any panel, and can be freely turned either forward or backward at any moment by simply turning the platen or roller.”

Overall, the No. 4 was only moderately improved from the No. 3.

From the Phonetic Journal, Feb. 2, 1895 —

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