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Still typing in Myanmar

Image from Fox News (see here).

Remarkably, we still live in an age where in some parts of the world, typewriters are necessary. In Myanmar, typists have seen demand for their trade decline, but many still thrive. A report from Fox News relates: “Aung Myint says his work is steady enough, but a far cry from the days of military rule, when he spent most of his time typing up authors’ novels for submission to the now-defunct censorship board. He rarely broke for lunch back then, often working by candlelight well after shops were shuttered and businessmen had long gone home.”

Video: BBC News – The slow death of Myanmar’s typewriter industry

Article: Fox News – Typewriters, telegrams, other reminders of bygone era persist in fast-changing Myanmar

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  • Mark January 12, 2017, 7:27 pm

    That’s a cool picture. I love how studious the subject looks.

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