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Free Getty images

Bloggers can now embed photos from Getty Images free of charge, accessing nearly 35 million images. The company took this step because “our content was everywhere already,” stated Craig Peters, a business development executive for the company.1 By allowing users to embed content, traffic can be redirected to GettyImages.com, as photos are framed by code linking to the site.

There are a few limitations: (1) not all images are embeddable, (2) photos cannot be resized (conveniently), (3) some might find the frame intrusive, and (4) if not handled properly, images might not flow properly. But, as a free option, it’s not a bad choice.

Simply look for the share/embed symbol — embed share

Use tips:

1. Images can be resized by altering the embed code — simply edit the “width” and “height” parameters — though it’s possible that such violates the terms of use. Also, enlarged images might appear pixelated.

2. As the image is contained in an iframe, paragraph breaks between the image and text should be avoided. With my theme, I found that “hidden” paragraph breaks add extra (unwanted) space between images and text. Here’s how I use the embed code:

getty embed code with blog text

Notice that the text begins right after the code, not below it. Also note that your blog may perform differently depending on your theme and CSS settings.

3. More information about embedding can be found here: http://www.gettyimages.com/Creative/Frontdoor/embed.

© 2014, Mark Adams. All rights reserved.

  1. Getty makes 35 million photos free to use. []
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