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Typewriter ads from the North American Review (July, 1892)

NAR001 The advertisements in this magazine (and in one other posted here) are remarkable in that they signal the beginning of an age for the typewriter. Prior to the 1880s, writing machines were experimental, not ready for the commercial market. But, with the invention of the Sholes & Glidden “type-writer,” it had come of age. Before long, several manufacturers were offering typewriters like the Remington Standard (descendent of the Sholes & Glidden), the Caligraph, and the Yost Writing Machine. Now, every man could produce work in the same quality as the magazine he held in his hand.


The Remington Standard No. 2.


Premier camera (above), Bar-Lock typewriter (below).


Caligraph and Hammond typewriter ads.


The New Yost Writing Machine, not a “typewriter.”

Non-typewriter advertisements —


Promoting the peerless Hudson. (BTW, there is a Peerless Typewriter, too.)


Heated and lighted!


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. (Or, if you prefer the 80s, Dr. Heckyll and Mr. Jive.)


That’s quite a solution!

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