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Typewriter ads from Lippincott’s (April, 1888)

Lippincott's ephemera001 Not long ago, I found this 1888 edition of Lippincott’s at an antique shop in Gardnerville, Nevada. I also sighted two or three typewriters, though nothing tempting enough to purchase (you can see one sighting here).

The magazine features a few typewriter advertisements, including those for the Remington Standard No. 2, the Hammond, the Caligraph and the World Type-Writer (yes, “type-writer” hyphenated).

Quite a remarkable experience to leaf through this magazine, imagining what it would have been like to have read it in 1888.

I paid $4 for mine, which I intend to keep whole.

Lippincott's ephemera002

Advertisement featuring the first Hammond (view machine at the Virtual Typewriter Museum).

Lippincott's ephemera003

The World Type-Writer — hyphenated! (view machine at the Virtual Typewriter Museum).

Lippincott's ephemera004

Remington advertisement featuring the Standard No. 2 (see my No. 2 here).

Lippincott's ephemera006

Typewriter? Try the Caligraph Writing Machine — not sure if that is a No. 1 or No. 2.

Not typewriter related —

Lippincott's ephemera007

How much for the 12-room home?

Amelie Rives Quick or the Dead

Amelia Rives, author of Quick and the Dead?, featured in magazine.

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