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Top ten posts at Type-Writer.org

Dayton Portable Typewriter - Type-Writer.org Collection

Happy New Year! I started this blog at the start of 2013. Here are the top ten most read posts at Type-Writer.org —

1. Achtung baby! The Groma Kolibri is no Trabant of typewriters

Probably, this post gets a lot of hits on account of the words in the title, especially “Achtung baby!”, which is the name of a classic U2 album of the 1990s. In this post I celebrate the Groma Kolibri, one of the prettiest typewriters in my collection.

2. Monarch Visible No. 1 & Monarch Typewriter No. 3

My aim was to gather every piece of information I could about this line, yet there is so much more to add. I’m working on another Monarch post.

3. The Dayton Portable Typewriter

Without a doubt, the Dayton typewriter was my greatest acquisition in 2013. Only seven are known to be circulating. I got mine on eBay.

4. The “dope” on the Remington Portable

It was never my intention to buy two Remington #1s with early features, but when another came up on eBay for $25, I could not resist. That it arrived in pristine, working condition was another triumph. (Note: I am inclined to believe that the No. 1 replaced the Remington Junior.)

5. 1941 Remington Envoy

Typecast offered in jpeg form.

6. Only one like this in ALL my collection

Chinese advertising is wrapped around the platen. Quite a find.

7. AMC Typewriter

The AMC is an attractive machine. You can see it in action at my YouTube page.

8. Manual typewriters in the sky

Actually, you still can buy a new manual typewriter. I found one in a catalog while flying on Alaska Air. Collector Richard Polt notes, however, that it is poorly made. (Note: L. Ron Hubbard published a book, which I have not read, called Typewriters in the Sky.)

9. 666: “The Beast”

I think the title caught most people’s attention. A subsequent posting, entitled “333: ‘God’s Phone Number’” drew fewer hits. There’s no questioning, however, that 666 for a typewriter is strange.

10. 1960s Royal Futura 400

You know, the Futura 400 is actually a rare typewriter. The Futura 800 was marketed and sold more aggressively, and specimens can be found regularly on eBay. The 400 scarcely pops up. This was my father’s typewriter, which he purchased in the 1960s, and carried around the world on business trips. I compiled a book of poetry on it in the 1980s.

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  • T. Munk January 2, 2014, 3:37 am

    It’s been a banner year in the Typosphere, richer for your participation (:

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