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Relief for the Philippines

Delivering relief supplies for the Philippines.

I’ve shipped many a typewriter in my day and have always grimaced at the shipping cost. So when I dropped off two large, and very heavy, boxes at LBC Express containing relief supplies for the Philippines, I was quite struck that the company would be shipping those boxes for free. Several members of my church collected items for people hit hard by Typhoon Haiyan, and I had the task — the privilege — of delivering those items to LBC Express. I attempted a delivery at their East San Jose location, but donations were stacked so high, there was no more room. The next day, I drove to their Milpitas office, where I was able to complete my mission. Yet again, donations were stacked from floor to ceiling!

So, on this Thanksgiving morning, I am thankful for the giving spirit of so many.

Special thanks to LBC Express for shipping all of those packages!

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  • Ton S. (I dream lo-tech) November 28, 2013, 5:13 pm

    As someone who is originally from the Philippines, I’d like to thank you for the help you sent. God bless.

  • Spiderwebz December 2, 2013, 5:35 pm

    That’s amazing! How many companies would actually offer shipping that many donated boxes for free? I can’t imagine. Certainly something to be thankful for.

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