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For the sake of the written word… NaNoWriMo

Second Snowman - Frederick Maryland 1970s

Me, sometime in the 1970s, when I lived in Maryland.

When I was a child, I set out to write a novel entitled, The Little Dog Born in the Grand Canyon. The story was simple: a boy finds a dog in the desert, they have adventures, they rescue a fireman from a burning building. At the time, I believed the Grand Canyon was situated in California, so upon learning it was not, I revised the title to read, The Little Dog Born in the Grand Canyon, but Raised in California. I was a stubborn kid.

In the end, I completed five or six pages and several illustrations.

How I came to attempt a novel, I do not know. My brother and I were active readers, so perhaps our reading inspired us — I believe my brother also attempted a novel. Whatever became of The Little Dog Born in the Grand Canyon, but Raised in California, I can’t say. I do recall keeping the originals for some years, but now it’s long gone.

Today, I’m a grown-up kid, ready to write my “November” novel. Though I’ve been blogging for well over a decade, I’m relatively new to the typosphere and newer still to NaNoWriMo. The idea of writing a 50,000 word novel in one month intrigues me, and I’m ready to join with others — some 200,000 at the time of this writing — in this endeavor.

Without a doubt, I will type a good part of the novel on my recently acquired Olympia SG3, which I like very much. If, in the end, all I achieve is 50,000 unpublished words, I shall be satisfied, for at least they shall have been written.

I begin this project simply for the sake of the written word.

© 2013, Mark Adams. All rights reserved.

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  • Richard P November 1, 2013, 3:41 am

    Go for it! The typosphere and the Typewriter Brigade (on nanowrimo.org) are great “places” to get a novel written.

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