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1960s Royal Futura 400

Here is the first typewriter I ever owned. It’s a manual Royal typewriter, though I don’t know the model, and I haven’t found one like it for sale on eBay (and, yes, I’ve looked). If you can identify it, please e-mail me at netadams @ gmail.

Update: It is a Royal Futura 400.

Royal Manual Typewriter
Note: Yes, I “mashed” on the keys for this art photo. I called it “Chaos of Thought.”

I’m guessing that it is a 1960s model as I believe my mother purchased it when she was in college. She handed it down to me in the 1980s, and I used it to practice typing mainly, though I did produce a little poetry on it. After I moved away, it got lost somehow.

Second Update: My father purchased it in the early 1960s, and apparently traveled the world with it. I only ever saw my mother typing on it, so I assumed.

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  • Kath Williams August 6, 2015, 7:29 am

    Hi, I am writing a book about growing up in the 1960’s in Taranaki, New Zealand.
    I would love to use the photo of your 1960’s typewriter in my book please with acknowledgement to you in the book. I do need your permission though please.
    Many thanks,

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