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Tuch-Rite is wrong, wrong, wrong…

Tuch-Rite Typing System front cover

I can accept the spelling of “rite,” but “tuch” offends.

I own five or six typing albums, and this one is likely the most ill-conceived. The Tuch-Rite, Perfect Touch System Teacher, includes one album and a faux keyboard. How one is to learn typing on a cardboard cut-out, I do not know. Certainly, it could be done, but no case could be made for the superiority of such an approach. Undoubtedly, most customers already owned a typewriter when they purchased this system. But wait! —

Do not attempt to practice on a typewriter until you have mastered the TUCH-RITE lesson completely. Remember that TUCH-RITE is your learning instrument; the typewriter is your writing instrument.

Until you have mastered typing, keep pounding away on that album cover!

The Tuch-Rite system was published in 1957, and advertised as a psychological tool. Incredible, really.

Quick update: My turntable is broken, thus the recording I originally posted was defective. You can hear this album here.

Tuch-Rite Typing System back cover

Presumably, this family bought three albums, though I might recommend the Royal typewriter instead.

Here are images of the included booklet:

Tuch-Rite001 Tuch-Rite002 Tuch-Rite003 Tuch-Rite004 Tuch-Rite005

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  • Robert G September 21, 2013, 8:52 am

    Thank you for posting the book, had been curious about that. I’d been collecting some information on this particular method for a while. Dates back to about 1937 actually, patented and all. Will now get round to making a post…

  • jim frost January 3, 2014, 12:47 am

    i have recently acquired one of these. must be retro and worth a few dollars

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